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Medical Billing

Medical Billing & Accounts Receivable Management


Silver Lining Adjustments performs medical billing and accounts receivable management services. We pride ourselves in managing the paperwork and headaches associated with billing so our clients can focus on their patients. Our services include billing electronically (or by fax or mail), insurance and patient accounts receivable management and claims appeal services. 


We have one price and one process, which allows us to streamline your work into effective systems that can help you maximize your profit margins.


Simplicity and transparency are key to making our process the best in town. Providers only have to sign their charts, create a superbill and record payments made at the time of service then SLA will take it from there.


Claims are filed (at least) once per week, insurance payments get entered into the designated program, we appeal any denials and generate invoices for patient's requiring balance billing. We work in a variety of systems and with providers at all levels, offer training and assistance with process development, and are focused on giving the billing process the Silver Lining it deserves. 


Programs we work with:





PracticeMate/Office Ally




Spreadsheets / Email / Paper


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